Nicosia Mercy Centre is a non-profit organization. All our work is made possible through gifts and donations.
We thank all our sponsors for their invaluable support.
Below you can see some of them:


Women’s Friendship Group

Nicosia Mercy Centre visited the above association and made a presentation of the work of the Centre. Since then, they have made a monetary donation and regularly continue to supply us with non perishable food for the food parcels.

Koinotiko Pantopolio of Nicosia (Angaliazo)

A couple has introduced us and the work of the Mercy Centre to one of the Directors of this Charity who got in touch with us in the earlier part of 2013 and they have started sponsoring us with overflows of the food supplies. This includes packages of soups, fresh and frozen vegetables and many non perishable items for our food parcels.


ACT (Anglo Cypriot Theatre) - Sponsored us for two years

On the 18th of October 2013, ACT (Anglo Cypriot Theatre) in their General Assembly other than their annual reports, every year they decide to sponsor financially a new charity or society that helps less privileged people.
The sponsorship is for two years and N.M.C was selected among many organizations engaged in helping, supporting and providing for needy people.
None of our volunteers has promoted this to the Assembly but it was the testimony of the good work the N.M.C is doing and the impact it has made to the City of Nicosia.
Toward the end of December after staging a Christmas pantomime, the Secretary and Treasurer of ACT have visited N.M.C. and presented us with a donation of 2,000 Euro.



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Ways you can help


green heart iconDonating clothes, shoes, blankets, kitchen utensils, furniture and non perishable food (tins, rice, pasta, etc)

green heart iconBecome a volunteer in the Centre

green heart iconGet in touch by visiting the centre or get in touch via email.

green heart iconFinancially by remitting to :

Bank of Cyprus


IBAN: CY25 0020 0195 0000 3570 3245 6370

Account no. 357-032-456370